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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - F for football and Fleur

 The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge is F this time, and I choose two words that don't go together relaly Fleur and Football, and I don't even like football (so please forgive me for the two stamped cricket balls - they all looked the same!).
This proves I cannot draw a football.


  1. Well I was nearly going to do football because my daughter plays it up to regional level, although injury means shes not playing this year, but my dictionary only referred to rugby (I could have done that too - I have the stamps), but a cricket ball should never be mistaken for a football!Yikes. But your flowers on the field reminded me when all children start playing often they spend more time picking daisies than chasing the ball.lol.So a lovely page all said and done.

  2. A little bit of something for everyone I would say!! Nicely done!!


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