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Monday, 25 February 2013

Alpha Challenge - H is for Hedgehogs and Hexagons

  The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge is on H. H is a thin section, at least in the French to English part of the dictionary so it made it easier to choose and on this page two words leapt out at me, one was Herisson meaning Hedgehog, and the other was Hexagone meaning - well hexagon!

O.K. Hedgehogs was easy enough, I had a new Little Claire stamp of hedgehogs, and failing that I have loads of Penny Black hedgehogs. Hexagons were a bit more of a challenge. I thought I must have either a stamp or die but no hexagons anywhere. While I was looking I turned over a Really Useful box to see if I could see any magnetic stamps at the bottom that I had forgotten I had that might be hexagon shaped, and lightbulb moment - the bottom of the RUB was patterned with - hexagons!

 So without futher ado I inked up the box and tried it out, and then stamped the page and went over the lines with a Promarker because they were a bit faint. Then I wanted to fill the hexagons and somehow my Hero Arts owl flock crept into it, so lots of Hs on this page, but only the two words! The next word will come from the English part of the book.

I have taken two photos, I cannot get the book to stay down flat, and I cannot stop the corners curling, what does everyone else do I wonder, theirs all look so perfect and flat! So I took one with the book weight down with some hedgehogs which seemed appropriate, and the other is held with my fingertips hence the missing bottom of the page!


  1. A great selection of stamps. I'm into hexagons at the moment & a hexagon die is next on my wish list. I found if I clicked on home I managed to comment this week.

  2. Such fun! Love your busy page, lots to look at and a cute selection of stamps. MM x

  3. Snap lol great pages Cazzy brilliant idea to use the bottom of your box for your hexagon I wanted to use hexagon too but couldn't find anything......going to look at my boxes rofl.
    I also had to click Home to be able to comment!


  4. Love your hedgies and hexagons, great idea to combine them, and I must look under my boxes....I have discovered shoes with floral soles which make gorgeous prints! Love your haunted page too! Valerie

  5. Love all the detail and those cute hedgehogs and the owls in the hexagons.

    Sylv xx


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